"Anjulia is lovely and I loved working with her."
--Tom Sizemore
"I've had great pleasure working with Anjulia on several projects.  She was an actress in a feature film that I co-produced, and she was a female lead in a short-film/music-video that I directed.  I've also participated in other productions where I watched Julia's performances.  She is a pleasure to direct as she quickly absorbs the required character for the role.  Her great acting abilities are complemented by her professionalism, punctuality and dedication to the role and the production.  For my future projects she will be my first choice for casting of matching roles."
Michael Umansky, Scarlet Sails Media
"Anulia worked with me on a 48-hour production during June 5-7, 2009 in San Francisco, CA, USA.  She was extremely reliable, and easy to work with.  Anulia took direction very well, and even in the high pressure environment of creating a full production from concept to master in 48-hours; she remained composed and professional.  After the production, Julia remained enthusiastic and stayed in contact (even helping to arrange elements for our upcoming follow-up production).
I can say that in my 15 years experience as a professional video producer that she is without a doubt one of the most reliable and professional actresses I have worked with.  I look forward to working with her in the future."
Ty Audronis,
"We cast Anjula as an actress for a rock video we were producing. She was prompt and very professional during the shoot. She was very easy to give direction to and made the shoot easy to accomplish. I would highly recommend her as an actress and model."
– Tony Williams, Music Star Productions
"Anjulia in her cocktail dress on the set of my recent art exhibit was a distinct asset to the event.  What's more, she impressed with her gentle professionalism as a model by being on time, on target, well dressed, with a good attitude throughout.  Photographs taken at random show her well poised and mingling with the event's guests.  With Anulia's distinct look of class and beauty, I wish I had an art vernissage every month, so that I can keep hiring her.  That  not being the case, I can only offer my heartfelt and high recommendation."
– Klaus Lange, Artist Designer
It is always a pleasure to work with Anjulia, she shows up on time and is always well prepared, enthusiastic, open and professional. Beyond her great looks and great attitude she is helpful and knowledgeable about the technical and practical aspects of film making. I plan to work with her again soon.
 – Chris Miller, Film Director for "DUI"
Working with Anulia is not like working at all... it's more like a "beautiful life experience". She is obviously gorgeous, but she is even more beautiful on the inside.. She is insightful, compassionate, funny, charming, talented, artistic and very creative. As a photographer I found her to be a most engaging model.. full of life.. she deserves only the best.
– John Glitsch, Fashion Photographer
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