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(Please, don't hesitate contacting me directly to inquire about my availability)
06/05/09 Rehearsal
06/06/09 Filming for 48 Hr Film Festival
06/11/09 Rehearsal
06/15/09 Filming "Probability"
06/19/09 Filming "Probability"
06/20/09 Filming "Eyes of a Blue Dog"
06/21/09 Filming "Eyes of a Blue Dog"
06/22/09 Filming Music Video
06/23/09 Filming Music Video
06/24/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
06/26/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
06/27/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
06/27/09 Filming WWII episode
06/28/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
06/29/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/02/09 Photo Modeling session for Coco and Mimi Hair Salon
07/02/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/03/09 Filming "Roommate"
07/04/09 Filming "Roommate"
07/09/09 Filming "Probability"
07/10/09 V/O "Eyes of a Blue Dog"
07/11/09 Filming Commercial for
07/14/09 Photo shoot
07/15/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/16/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/17/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/21/09 V/O "Probability"
07/22/09 Filming "Affair"
07/24/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/25/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/25/09 Filming "Stand alone"
07/26/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
07/27/09 Filming "Affair"
07/28/09 Filming "Stand alone"
07/30/09 Photo Modeling for Anatomy 101 Chiropractor's Medical Center
08/01/09 Filming "Battle Front"
08/02/09 Filming "Stand alone"
08/03/09 Filming "Contractor's Routine"
08/06/09-08/12/09 VACATION NO BOOKING!
08/09/09 Premiere "Eyes of a Blue Dog"
08/13/09 Rehearsal "Dark Desert Highway"
08/14/09 48HR prep day
08/15/09 48HR Film Festival Filming
08/16/09 48HR post production/no booking
08/17/09 Filming "Trauma" NBC TV Series
08/20/09 Rehearsal "Dark Desert Highway"
08/21/09 Rehearsal "Dark Desert Highway"
08/22/09 Filming "Dark Desert Highway"
08/23/09 Filming "Buster Jones"
09/02/09 V/O "Stand alone"
09/03/09 Filming "Trauma" NBC TV Series
09/08/09 Filming "The World's Astonishing News" TV Series
09/09/09 - 09/20/09 Interviews, Post Production, ADR (no booking)
10/02/09 Filming "Love Is"
10/04/09 Filming Web Show (Petaluma)
10/17/09 Filming "The Girl In The Hotel"
10/20/09 Filming "The Girl In The Hotel"
10/21/09 Filming "The Girl In The Hotel"
10/22/09 Rehearsal "Vampire"
10/29/09 Filming "Vampire"
10/31/09 Filming PSA
11/09/09 Rehearsal "Hotel for Damp"
11/14/09 Filming Web Show (Petaluma)
11/15/09 Filming Web Show (Petaluma)
11/16/09 Filming "Hotel for Damp"
11/23/09 Filming 16 mm "***"
11/24/09 Rehearsal "Ask Her"
12/01/09 Filming "Ask Her"
03/06/10- 05/01/10 Filming "The Last Deal"
05/15/10 -05/22/10 Filming "The Twins" (Beyond the Still Comp)
06/01/10-09/15/10 I am working on a feature film "Enemy Circle", so please, contact me for availability.
Beginning October 2010 I am working with Scott Ebright's "Murder Mystery" Live Show. Please, contact me for availability via email
01/13/11-02/15/11 Filming "20 Year Old Virgins"
03/19/11-04/01/11 Filming "A Quiet Girl"
04/01/11-06/16/11 RESERVED
07/15/11-09/30/11 Filming horror feature "Epidemia"
Jan - April/2013 - Double Deception Feature film
June-Aug/2013 - Airship Down Feature Film
 Contact for availability: ANJULIAFILM@YAHOO.COM
Painting by Henry Asencio  Model: Anjulia

Fly Away
Music written by Anjulia, musical arrangement by Yuri Tsapaev
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